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Benchmarking of the best practices in Procurement of leading world companies

Стратегия управления цепями поставок в «Додо пицца»

В этой статье я поделюсь с читателями блога своим видением Supply Chain Strategy в компании "Додо пицца" Читать далее

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Recent trends in strategic sourcing

Tweet Discussion with Dustin Mattison from Supply Chain Expert Community about recent trends in strategic sourcing

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Supplier fitness program

Tweet In contrast to supplier development, which primarily strives to create new suppliers or increase the use of existing smaller suppliers, supplier fitness program focuses on existing large suppliers. The object is to improve the supplier’s cost position. 

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Change nature of demand

Tweet Dear pocurement professionals,  We continue to consider the best procurement practices from Purchasing chessboard of A.T.Kearney. And we consider the relevant sourcing strategies which can be useful in case of high supply power and low demand power. 

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Manage of spend

Tweet Dear procurement professionals,  We are starting to consider the best practices of determining sourcing strategies based on Purchasing chessboard of A.T.Kearney in this article In the case of low supply and demand power, the first basic strategy involves professional steering of demand. Manage spend first of all requires detailed knowledge of who is buying what from which supplier. Based on this, one can then consider the possibility of offsetting low demand power by bundling demand, either within the company or across company boundaries. These considerations should be backed by an uncompromising analysis of whether the demand in question is actually justified. The approaches for cutting costs and adding value within this basic strategy are demand management, co-sourcing, … Читать далее

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Материалы III форума по закупкам, 29.03.2014

Tweet 29 марта в городе Киеве состоялся уже третий по счету форум по закупкам, на котором присутствовало около 150 закупщиков с различных предприятий Украины. На форуме выступал и автор этого сайта с докладом о применении стратегического сорсинга в службе закупок отечественного предприятия.  Все презентации докладчиков приведены в рамках данной статьи. 

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Procurement strategy

Tweet The key question is formulated as follows when it comes to the strategic: if a supply service and the supply chain can effectively contribute to achieving the organization's objectives and its strategies? In addition, there is another important question: how the goals and strategy of the organization can accurately reflect the contributions and capabilities of the supply chain?

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World class contract negotiation strategies

Tweet Dear procurement professionals,  I have found one interesting video, which can possibly help you to improve you skills in contract negotiations. The speaker focuses on the next 4 world class contract negotiation strategies: 1. Taking cost out of supply chain. 2. Writing contracts to prevent and remedy TCO excursions 3. Cost modelling and benchmarking for success 4. Using concessions to achieve Win-Win.

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Corporate purchasing cards

Tweet Corporate purchasing cards (or supply cards, P- card) are credit cards issued to domestic consumers or users of the procuring entity. Such maps can be combined with the technologies used for e-commerce and data processing, which allows procuring entities to receive important information.

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Electronic catalogs

Tweet Earlier, in the article about the sources of information about suppliers, we briefly mentioned the electronic (online) catalogs. In this article we shall discuss them in more detail. Electronic catalog is the digital version of the conventional directory provider, which allows the buyer to examine in detail the purchase and further information about products or services offered by the provider on their computers.

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