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About effective vendor selection

Reverse auction

Tweet In an article upon online auctions we briefly mentioned the reverse auction. Now we have a look at this concept in more details. So, the reverse auction is an online auction in real time, based on falling prices, which on one hand is involved procuring entity, and on the other hand it’s a group of pre-selected suppliers. The bidding process is dynamic, suppliers compete for the contract, offering their own versions and competing with each other on-line, using specialized software. Suppliers to provide information on the status of their bids in real time, and, as a rule, the contract with the supplier receives the lowest bid price (or with … Читать далее

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Sources of information

Tweet One of the basic indicators for professional skills of the purchase executive is the awareness of sources of information upon suppliers. Among the instruments frequently used there are: on-line search, electronic sites and web- sites of a company. Special magazines, advertisements, directory of suppliers and trade stock, negotiations with sales representatives, colleagues, professional contacts and own accounts and records are also related to the information sources. For the purpose of this article, the most wide-spread of the mentioned instruments are reviewed.

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