Образование в закупках

  1. Профессиональные тренинги по закупкам от компании Consulting group

профессиональные тренинги

2. Дистанционный онлайн курс по закупкам от BCG-Academy:



3. Корпоративное обучение по логистике от консалтингового агентства MW Partners

MW Partners








4. Совет профессионалов по цепям поставок

Совет профессионалов


5. Ассоциация профессионалов по управлению закупками

Ассоциация профессионалов по управлению закупками


6. Institute for Supply Management



7. Chartered institute of Purchasing and Supply


8. Медиа-ресурсы

Procurious - https://www.procurious.com

My Purchasing Center - http://www.mypurchasingcenter.com

Supply Management magazine - http://www.supplymanagement.com

CPO Rising - http://cporising.com

Next level of purchasing - http://www.nextlevelpurchasing.com

Procurement leaders - http://www.procurementleaders.com

Advanced purchasing dynamics - http://www.apurchasingd.com

CAPS research - http://www.capsresearch.org

4. Книги по закупкам (ТОП-40): 

1. Бауэрсокс Д. Дж., Клосс Дейвид Дж. Логистика: интегрированная цепь поставок
2. Линдерс, Ф. Джонсон, А. Флинн, Г. Фирон. Управление закупками и поставками
3. Edward Frazelle. Supply Chain Strategy. The Logistics of Supply Chain Management
4. Fred Sollish., John Semanik. The Purchasing and Supply Managers Guide to the C.P.M. Exam
5. Fred Sollish, John Semanik. The Procurement and Supply Managers Desk reference
6. Fred Sollish, John Semanik. Strategic Global Sourcing. Best practices.
7. Jimmy Anklesaria. Supply Chain Cost management. The aim & Drive ® Process for achieving Extraordinary results
8. Laura. H. Baldwin, Frank Camm, Nancy Y. Moore. Strategic sourcing. Measuring and Managing Performance
9. В.С. Лубенцова. Математические модели и методы в логистике
10. L.M.Leftwish, J. A. Leftwish, N.Y. Moore, C.R.Roll. Organizational concept for Purchasing and Supply Management Implementation
11. M. Quayle. Purchasing and Supply Chain Management: Strategies and Realities
12. Nancy Nicosia, N. Y. Moore. Implementing Purchasing and Supply Chain Management. Best Practices in Market research.
13. P. Cousins, R. Lamming, B. Lawson, B. Squire. Strategic Supply Management: principles, theories and practice
14. R. Welborn, V. Kasten. The Jericho principle. How companies use strategic collaboration to find new sources of value
15. R. M. Monczka, R.B. Handfield, L. C. Giunipero, J. L. Patterson. Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
16. K. Pandit, H. Marmanis. Spend analysis. The window into Strategic Sourcing
17. R. Rudzki, D. Smock, M. Katzorke, S. Stewart. Straight to the bottom line ™ An executive roadmap to world class supply management
18. V. Pooler, D. Pooler, S. Farney. Global Purchasing and Supply Management. Fulfill the vision
19. Сток Дж. Р., Ламберт Д. М. Стратегическое управление логистикой
20. Дж. Шрайбфедер. Эффективное управление запасами
21. R. K. Ireland with Colleen Crum. Supply Chain Collaboration. How to implement CPFR ® and other best collaborative practices
22. G. Dominici. From Business System to Supply Chain and Production in Japan
23. J. Stentoft Arlbjorn and Henning de Haas. Supply Chain Management: issues to consider when Doing Business in China
24. C. Schuh, R. Kromoser, M. Strohmer, R. Perez, A. Triplat. The purchasing chessboard. 64 Methods to Reduce Cost and Increase Value with Suppliers
25. C. Schuh, M. Strohmer, S. Easton, A. Scharlach, P. Scharbert. The CPO: transforming procurement in the real world
26. P. Baily, D. Farmer, D. Jessop, D. Jones. Purchasing principles and management
27. A. Quitt. Measuring Supply Management Budget Effects. Introduction of Return on Spend as an Indicator of Supply Managements Financial Effectiveness
28. В.С. Лукинский. Модели и методы теории логистики
29. K. Lyons. Buying for the future. Contract management and the environmental challenge
30. S. R. Gordon. Supplier evaluation and performance excellence. A guide to meaningful Metrics and Successful results
31. S. C. Rogers. The supply-based Advantage. How to link Suppliers to Your Organizations Corporate Strategy
32. D. Walker and Steve Rowlinson. Procurement systems. A cross-industry perspective
33. N. Dimitri, G. Piga, G. Spagnolo. Handbook of Procurement
34. M. Lockstrom. Low-cost country sourcing. Trends and Implications
35. P. W. Morris and Jeffrey K. Pinto. The Willey Guides to the management of projects
36. C. Schuh, M. Strohmer, S. Easton, M. Hales, A. Triplat. Supplier relationship management. How to maximize supplier value and opportunity
37. D. N. Burt. A purchasing managers guide to strategic proactive procurement
38. L. Ellram. Strategic cost management in the Supply Chain: A purchasing and Supply Management perspective
39. C. Barrat and M. Whitehead. Buying for Business. Insights in purchasing and supply management
40. Brad Andrews. Getting and Finding Purchasing Managers, Buyers, and Purchasing Agents Jobs: The Ultimate Guide for Job Seekers and Recruiters


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