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How optimize the stock level

Radio Frequency Identification

Tweet RFID tags contains a chip and an antenna, which sends a signal, using the energy of the reader. This signal contains information about the package or its contents. There are a variety of types of electronic tags that vary the parameters of memory, frequency, power, and cost.

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«Kanban» system

Tweet "Kanban" is a simple and effective system of control, which helps to realize the system ‘just in time’ in practice. "Kanban" in Japanese means " card " , the use of such cards has become a major element in many control systems used in Japanese companies , including Toyota, whose system of " Kanban " attracted great attention of specialists around the world.

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Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Tweet Demand for raw materials, components, parts depends on the schedule of the assembly line , which is produced finished products . For example, for everyone must collect the car windshield, a steering wheel, four tires, plus one spare. Similarly, many of the goods for service and maintenance depend on the performance graph works. At the heart of the reception, which is called planning resource requirements (MRP), is an understanding based on demand.

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Forward procurements

Tweet Forward procurements stand for buying the feedstock, materials, components, and equipment in the amounts which are bigger than the demand, with essential advancing in time when there is no necessity in these product categories. This kind of procurements lets reduce the negative impact of rising prices on different product categories, also providing protection from the problems rising in future periods gaining the necessary resources. That is why, under conditions of uncertainty, the companies fall back on forward procurements. It deals with retail trade most of all, when some suppliers propose special prices to their most important customers in the end of quarter, in order to reach the objective KPI … Читать далее

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Inventory management models (part 1)

Tweet For the purpose of this article, some simple models used for measuring the order size and level of supply are reviewed. The degree of applicability of those varies relying on the dependence of demand and supply use. Dependent demand means that the produced item makes up a part of a bigger assembly or product, and its use depends on production schedule of the bigger part. Independent demand means that the use of storage unit is not determined by production schedule, and is directly related to customers’ orders which are coming independently on production schedule. In this article the easiest way of inventory management is considered: the model with fixed … Читать далее

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Inventory management models (part 2)

Tweet Models with fixed period. Sometimes, it makes more sense to place an order with certain frequency rather than reaching some amount of order. For instance, to divide the work load is easier, when every day, week, month, etc., the employees are directed in order to check certain types of supplies. According to the model with fixed order quantity, orders are placed after reaching the point of repeated order. And in the models with fixed period, orders are placed only at particular time. That is why the level of supplies should be built up so that no deficiency was formed within the period from order placement till lead-time.

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Inventory management

Tweet Constant improvement, high pace of entry into market, satisfaction of the interests of consumers, staff and vendors, global competitive ability require exceptional advertency to productiveness and value appending activities. These organization goals determine the attitude of leaders to quality, quantity, conditions of supply and bring essential influence on the process of the material delivery. Concerning the quality and conditions of supply, reduction of stocks and lead time are the most compelling evidence. Both results might be achieved by increasing delivery frequency and decreasing the supply package for once at the same time. Meanwhile, it is necessary to reduce time for an equipment reconfiguration, to use ‘just in time’ system, … Читать далее

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«Just in Time» System

Tweet During sixties of twenty century due to intensive development of Japanese economy the local steel suppliers can create the enormous production facilities. The main result of it was a process of supplies in very limited terms. Shipbuilders reduced the inventories of produced product from monthly rate to daily rate. So they received the possibility to receive the steel in time without growth of stocks.   Relatively soon another producers of finished goods took this idea on board. And in the mid of seventieth the Vice-President of Toyota, Taiti Ono and his colleagues provided the clear explanation of the definition «just in time». «Just in Time» production is a philosophy … Читать далее

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